Signs You Hired A Bad Lawyer

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Lawyers are known to give legal advice and representation. They are paid handsomely, like doctors, since they have the power to change people’s lives when they win or lose their clients cases. However, not every lawyer is good, as there are some of them that might either not be suitable for you or they’re just simply not good because they’re not very dedicated and committed to the case given to them.


Nowadays, hiring a decent lawyer that is suitable for you is actually difficult since you have to consider a lot of things like the cost, or how good they are, how much experience they have, etc. Here are signs to watch out for to know if your lawyer is good for you or not


A good lawyer must be conversant with every single detail of your case, to the point of being able to talk about it in their sleep, it is basically a part of their job as they will be your legal representative and adviser. If your lawyer seems to forget details, then it is a very obvious sign that he or she is not doing a good job as your lawyer.


Lawyers must be punctual and professional in everything they do with their clients. Once or twice is probably acceptable and excusable to be late, but more than that, is simply outrageous. Since there will always be deadlines and schedules, time is one of the most important things to a lawyer. So if your attorney is usually late to your meetings, you might need to talk to him or her about it, since it will definitely affect their professionalism and subsequently your case.


A lawyer that’s willing to be dishonest, for any reason, is a bad lawyer as lawyers must always stay true to the law. You should think twice if your attorney is willing to lie about a certain part of a case or in court while under oath.


Being organized is one of the most common things law students learn, because lawyers must always be organized, from their minds, to their things. If a lawyer sometimes brings the wrong paperwork, doesn’t schedule meeting or sometimes forgets when it’s supposed to be, he or she is not good for you.


Another obvious sign of a bad lawyer is if he or she is overcharging you and this is particularly noticeable if your case is stuck and there is absolutely no progress at all, or that it will only progress if you pay him or her more.


Finally, when lawyer doesn’t usually reply to calls, emails, and texts, it is a major sign of a bad lawyer. It obviously means that your lawyer isn’t very interested in working with you or your case because if they are, they would always reply and give you an update.

It is difficult to find a suitable lawyer, but you must not give up as there are a lots of good lawyers out there who are willing to work for you and help you out.

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